You're strategic and savvy in everything you do. Allow us to take the labour out of finding your connoisseur watch as quickly as possible. Eliminate the risk of a bad investment. At we serve as your very own personal consultant, watchmaker and commissioner. Let us help you keep collecting watches a pleasure. For the selection, service and maintenance of all your Swiss watches, you only need one connection.























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We have over twenty years of experience in the quality control, repair, restoration and assembly of high-end watches. Ulysse Nardin, Franck Muller, Daniel Roth, Girard Perregaux, Bovet, Bulgari, MB&F, MaƮtres du Temps, Patek Philippe, Christophe Claret, Audemars Piguet, Jean Dunand, etc.

We can check the watch you are planning to purchase before it leaves Switzerland or we can accompany you to the retailer, factory or artisan workshop, offering the top technical knowledge even the most important collectors may lack.

We are located in the very heart of watch-making country, in the UNESCO World Heritage listed city of Le Locle.

We offer you exemplary client dedication and discretion and are comfortable working in English, French and German.

















             WHY CONSULTING



High-end watches with complicated functions are to a large degree manufactured by hand. You want to make sure that your particular watch is both the best possible choice for your needs and an example of the best possible production quality. You would not base your decision to purchase real estate, a car, a yacht or a jet simply on a brand or an image. Why do so for your timepiece? We can advise you on the particular watch best suited to your needs and have the necessary tools and know-how at our disposal to carry out a thorough pre-purchase testing of the watch you have selected.














                                             WHO IS MARCO KOSKINEN





A third-generation watchmaker, originally from Helsinki, Finland, living in Switzerland since 1996, Marco has a distinct sense of cosmopolitan awareness that is perfectly suited to the needs of his broad range of clients. With over twenty years of experience in assembling, servicing and restoring high-end watches and clocks, he is a benchmark for professionalism, expertise and integrity in the watchmaking industry.




We draw up a personalised plan for each of our clients, in order to fulfil his or her personal needs and dreams. Please give us a call for details about prices, watch companies, delivery 

times, etc.


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